Datsun 240Z

Mine iswas a 1971 with an 83 L28, F54/P79, dual SUs and an MSA 3-2-1 header.
Now: LS1


I have finally, after almost a year, started working on the adjustable rear toe crossbar.

I have road to oilpan clearance issues. As in, a big rock on the road destroyed my oilpan.
Here's an update on my progress.

I gots an all aluminum LS1 V8 from a 1999 Camaro. It hasHad the 4 speed automatic - not my first choice, but it was too good a deal to pass up. And Now of course I have the T56

SO, I have pulled out the old SU L28 and 5 speed and sold them) and I'm sticking this 300hp (at the wheels But I know I can get 50 more!) source. I've already removed the stock Datsun engine mount towers to make room for the LS1 accessories (alternator and A/C). The engine will be mounted in the set back position ala JTR (no setback plates though) with the majority of the motor living behind the strut towers. I have fabricated some "legs" for the existing crossmember such that it will become a K member. There will then be new towers built that will rest on the new legs and will meet up with the standard LS1 motor mounts.

I'm using a custom (non-JTR) transmission mount that attaches to the tunnel rather than the 2 floor pans.

Much of the details of this project will be posted to the forum(s) at
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Info on my 17 X 8 wheels they fit perfectly

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