Camaro Radiator

in a 1971 Datsun 240Z

Camaro Radiator in a 71 240zBack when my car was L24 powered, it ran hot. I took it to a mechanic who said that the guage was just reading high - not to worry. So, I motored on. Then the water pump fell off, the car instantly overheated, and, well, the short of it is that the car is now L28 powered (L24 melted).

So, in order to solve this problem, I did some digging around. If you look at the parts list at the JTR site, there's a link to the radiator that they recommend (and resell at a premium) for a V8 Z with dimensions and everything. I figured that if it's good enough to cool a big 350, it should work very nicely for an L28. So, I went to the local parts stores. They all only had the wide one. There are two 85 camaro radiators, 951 and 952. One is 26" (too wide) and the other is 20" (just right). I don't have my info in front of me, but I think the 20" one is the 952.

I got mine for $145 + $17 shipping (then minus a $50 coupon for total of $112!) from Carparts, vs. $225 plus shipping from JTR. I mounted it by holding it in place where it seemed to fit best, marking the holes (they are top and bottom since the tanks are on the side) and then drilling them (3/8" bit). Then I got 2 M8 60mm bolts put them thru the top holes, put the nuts on such that 1/4" of the ends of the bolts came thru. I slid the radiator in place and hung it by the bolts in the top holes. Then I tacked the nuts in place. Did the same for the bottom of the radiator support. The bottom holes end up being right at the very bottom edge - barely qualify as holes since there's like a sliver of metal left on the bottom of each one. Again, I tacked nuts in place. Then I took the radiator out and welded the nuts in securely. This is tricky since the threads can get screwed up by welding - I put a bolt in the nut before welding it in (not all the way!) and then right after I weld, I turn it back and forth. Anyway, with some 1 inch nylons spacers, everything fits perfectly. There actually might be enough room to put a pusher elec. fan in between the A/C condenser and the radiator. It's very thin and light. Fits very nicely. Top view

For hoses I sort of made some guestimates based on the original hoses and went to the local Advance Auto parts. The guy let me peruse all the hoses and I came up with these: c71302 d71560 They both had to be trimmed a tad, but they fit beautifully. I don't know if those part numbers will translate well at other stores. The engine runs much cooler now than it did before. If you don't have access to a welder, JTR sells bracketry for mounting this radiator in a Z.


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