ZCar HowTo

Sites with specific info on upgrades, etc
Terry Oxandale's Ford Powered race car pages
Georgia Z Club eZine
Clint's Project ZED
Dave's Datsun 240Z
Pete's V8 Zcar lots of information
SU mixture adjustments
The Datsun Z Garage This is an incredibly helpful site
The Datsun Workshop - stroker info here
Simon's Turbo Z Incredible attention to detail.
Zcar engine stuff
HybridZ - excellent forums with Z Car modification info
Scotties240zt Very nicely done turbo L28...
Scotties 240GNZ ...which is now a Buick powered Z

ZCar General

Sites miscellaneous Z Car related info
Z engine/head timeline
Technical Information Library
Texas Z Car Club some tech data here

ZCar Stuff

General, Clubs, Sites about people's cars

1971 Datsun 240z Turbo
Datsun 240Z, 260Z, and 280Z (s30) microfiche
240Z Turbo Homepage
Datsun 240Z
ZCar webring
My Z Car Favorites
The Z Car Home Page
Triangle Z Club
Z Links A bunch of links from a Z web ring
ZCAR.COM | 70-83 Z Discussion Forum- Index
GARAGE MIYA‚ S30Z‚ incredible G Nose japanese Z supercar.


ZCar Products

Sites which sell items for zcars

Arizona Z Car
Cyberspace Automotive Performance--Your online ...
Ground Control Racing Suspension - Datsun-Nissan Suspension Parts Catalog
Jim Cook Racing, Inc.
Motorsport Auto
Nissan-Datsun Dashtops
Suspension Restoration Parts Co. - Nissan/Datsu...
Suspension/brake stuff forsale
Top-End Performance. Import car performance. Turbo