Step 1: Remove L28

So, I had planned to do this in the driveway, since my garage has a gravel floor (wierd, I know). But of course when I finally have a chance to pull the motor, it rained. I cleaned out the garage, laid down some plywood. Then I proceeded to build an engine tilter. Yes, I can definately put the Sigh in sidetracked. Took me several hours and pretty much sucked up the whole rest of the saturday. My reasoning was that I didn't want to spend $75 for a really good one, but worried about the cheapness of the cheap one. I made this one for $10 and some spare metal I had. I also used a big, double ball bearing - the thing worked beautifully - and it's very strong. Prob'ly weighs about 50 lbs.

Sunday, no rain. good thing I went thru all the prep. In pulling the motor, the only thing I forgot to disconnect this time, was the choke cables (wife pointed this out). Everything went very smoothly. My son then helped me roll the car out of the way (very light without the engine) and then I moved the motor outside, secured it to a pallet and covered it up.

No pics of the trial fit of the LS1. I haven't knocked out the trans mount bulges yet, so, it's not fitting very well. The width is pretty iffy too. Clearance between headers and frame is very tight.

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